Twitter now lets you watch Periscope broadcasts in Moments and adds better analytics

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Twitter is launching several updates today relating to Periscope that not only improves discovery of broadcasts, but provides additional insights into who’s actually watching them. Starting today, live videos can be watched within Moments, offering users more ways to tell a story about a particular event.

But to provide broadcasters with more details about viewership and engagement, Twitter is rolling out a new dashboard and activity tab with enhanced analytics beyond what average users have.

Twitter Moments are a good way for people to account for what’s going on at an event — it’s the native version of Storify. Until now it was limited to GIFs, links, tweets, but definitely not live video. But that’s changing and so when you create a Moment, you can insert a live or recorded broadcast. So imagine if you’re at a rally, protest, or a news-making event — you can include tweets from those in attendance, videos embedded into those tweets, but what about your first-person eyewitness account on the ground? Or maybe you want to include someone else’s live video? The idea is likely to provide a more comprehensive story about what happened.

Anyone that broadcasts already receives analytics around their live videos, but it was limited to who watched it live or as a replay. Twitter is giving users more robust metrics such as video duration, total viewers, hearts, total time watched, total time watched per viewer, and more, with each one broken down based on whether someone viewed a broadcast live or recorded. These new analytics will be available only through Periscope’s website.

There’s also an activity tab that’s been added that shows you similar details like the notifications tab within Twitter. You’ll find out who followed you, who watched a video, and other activity-related insights. More monitoring will be added in the future and you can find this new tab within Periscope’s iOS and Android apps.

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