VIDEO: Roy Williams Wishes UNC's Fans Were As Raucous As Indiana's

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Indiana jumped to a big lead early and pulled away late against North Carolina on Wednesday, registering an upset over the third-ranked Tar Heels. This was one of those games where even if you were watching the game on television without sound — as I was for much of it — you could tell that the fans were going walnuts for the duration.

Roy Williams, who had a better vantage of what was going on, concurred. After complimenting the Assembly Hall faithful, he issued somewhat of a challenge to UNC fans.

“It was a great college basketball atmosphere, and one team really played right from the get-go. The second one did not and that was us,” Williams said. “We were not ready for the intensity, the enthusiasm, anything that you want to talk about in the first half. But, it was a wonderful crowd. Gosh. I’d like to play in front of a crowd like that in the Smith Center every now and then, other than the frickin’ Duke game. Congratulations to them, their students, it was a big-time crowd.”

On one hand, you can empathize with Williams here about a UNC fanbase that has, by his measure, grown entitled and only gets up for the team’s main rivals. On the other, Williams coached at Kansas, which has the crowd he says he’s looking for, and he’d probably still be there if he hadn’t left on his own volition for a blue-blooded institution. It’s hard to garner much sympathy.

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