VieStyle has soft wireless earphones that fit more people

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Earphones are expected to be the top-selling gift for the holidays. But finding ones that fit everyone isn’t easy. So VieStyle is launching a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for Vie Fit, which it says are soft, custom-fit wireless headphones.

VieStyle has made its earphones with a soft-shell housing that is flexible and squeezable. That makes for a snug, custom fit, the company says.

The earphones are waterproof, and the silicone material is anti-bacterial. When the earbuds shape to the ear, the speaker system rotates freely and angles naturally into the ear canal, optimizing sound delivery.

Above: Vie Fit has soft cushions to enable it to fit just about any ear.

Image Credit: Vie Fit

The device has 8-millimeter speakers, and the no-gap fit provides efficient passive noise cancellation. The Bluetooth connection enables the earphones to connect to a smartphone for voice calls or music. The Kickstarter pledge starts at $74, while the retail price will be $150.

The Vie Fit uses a flexible angle speaker instead of a traditional fixed angle speaker. The speaker is omnidirectional, meaning it moves naturally to fit the angle of the user’s ear canal, delivering sound directly to the eardrum. It lasts for 4.5 continous hours on a battery charge, for a total of 33 hours.

The company plans on delivering initial shipments to backers in March 2018, and it is targeting a general release in May 2018. VieStyle was started by CEO Yazz Imamura and Andrew Dunbar, the company’s chief operating officer. Last year, the company launched its Vie Shair headset, which was shipped to its previous Kickstarter backers in 2016.

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