Well, this is awkward

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CREDIT: AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

The House vote on Trumpcare was delayed Thursday, after a wave of Republican defections. What has House Republicans so spooked? Deeply divisive provisions in the bill like the complete removal of essential health benefits, and the useless and cruel work requirements Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) added to Medicaid, to name just two.

Trumpcare does still have its defenders though, like White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. He says women won’t be paying more for maternity care — as long as they’re on a family plan.

CREDIT: Screenshot/ Fox News

A top White House adviser is using the attack by a British-born man in London to justify Trump’s Muslim ban. That makes no sense.

ICYMI: Police arrested an American citizen in Israel thought to be behind bomb threats at Jewish centers. But anti-Semitism in the United States is still a major issue.

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“I have articles saying it happened.”
— President Donald Trump, defending three of his biggest lies in a new interview

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