When Trump tweets…

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CREDIT:AP Photo/Evan Vucci

It’s certainly been an eventful week in the Twittersphere for the Trump administration. Trump tweeted vicious, innopropiate, and sexists things about Mika Brzezinski, and Nikki Haley was boasting about the shockingly large UN peacekeeping budget cuts.

CREDIT: Alan Pyke/ThinkProgress

In Washington D.C., the laundry list of struggles facing the city’s homeless are coming to light. The city is playing a game of Whack-a-Mole with homeless encampments, and shelters are failing the sizeable population of hmeless LGBTQ youth. Some are making a postive difference though, like one formerly homeless ex-cop who’s working to humanize the homeless for D.C. recruits.

ICYMI: The Supreme Court’s take on the Muslim ban has already created a huge mess. NRA recruiting video stops just short of calling for violence against anti-Trump progressives.

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Inspired by Trump’s attacks on science, this former engineer is running for Congress.


Let’s all fight with respect and civility for the beliefs and causes we believe in, but let’s be civil with one another… and accusing people who are trying to solve a health care problem of trying to kill people is not having a civil debate.

— House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), on the idea that taking away 22 million people’s health insurance is not really a big deal.

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