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Win Our August Meditation Crystals!

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“It is more important to go slow and gain the lessons you need along the journey then to rush the process and arrive at your destination empty.” 
~  Germany Kent

All this month I have been very busy meditating with two carefully chosen meditation stones – an Anchoring Stone and a Connection Stone. These pairs are also known as ‘Mother Earth Father Sky’ stones. The stones work together, and are both held as you meditate – one in each hand.

 As I meditate with these stones each day for the month of August I work with the intent that they will hold energies in a way that can be transferred to the user. As part of the month’s prize I will record a personal guided meditation to accompany the stones so that you can be sure how to use them.

Let me introduce the stones to you.

The first stone is petrified wood from Longreach. My maternal grandfather was born at Longreach, and it’s a very important place to me. It’s a place of wide open skies, sunshine, fresh air and that feeling of timelessness and ancient grounded energy. I found this crystal on one of my early morning walks. It is this month’s Anchoring Stone – anchoring stones help us to stay grounded, clear and calm, connecting into our bodies, and to the earth and nature.

Here’s where I found it, half buried in the dust, still cold from the night’s transit:

The energies and intention I am infusing into this Longreach Petrified Wood are that the holder moves from pain and fear to calm and acceptance of all that is. That the many layers of old thoughts, feelings and hurts fall away, leaving only love and wisdom. It is also a stone for calling in Guides and Ancestors to watch over you. It will reduce inflammation and promote circulation. It feels so comforting in my hand, and I know you’ll find it a comfort too.

The second stone is the Connection Stone, and it is a delicious rough Smoky Citrine Phantom Quartz that I found in the river bed behind our house. Connection stones connect us to Universal energy, as well as to Angels, Guides, Ancestors and our own wise soul energy.

This special crystal treasure holds energies of the volcanic cradle that is Byron Bay, and it will help you to shed old patterns and ways of being so that you can come into deeper alignment with your true self. It’s a stone of emotional healing and spiritual awakening.

The Smoky Citrine Phantom Quartz is protective and promotes joy. It’s also a stunning stone for connecting you to past life wisdom and to creative ideas that are waiting to be brought forth through you.

The energy of these two natural Australian stones is very strong and clear, and they compliment each other very well.

Instructions on how to win these stones:

Do one of any of the following;

  1. Write a comment on this post, explaining why you want to win these stones
  2. Post a comment on our facebook page, explaining why you want to win these stones
  3. Post a comment on your facebook page and tag us in (use @cauldronsandcupcakes and @nicolecody)
  4. Post a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #c&cAugustRocks and in your description explain why you want to win these stones
  5. Send us an email to chelsi@cauldronsandcupcakes.com explaining why you want to win these stones

This competition closes on September 4th at 8pm Brisbane time, and I’ll announce the winner on September 5th.

I’ll be giving away a set of stones every month between now and December, so there are plenty of chances for you to win.

Biggest love and hugs to all of you, Nicole   xoxo

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