WordPress.com makes it easier for bloggers to accept PayPal payments

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WordPress.com is making it easier for bloggers to accept online payments using PayPal.

While the web-hosting service and publishing giant already supported PayPal payments, it involved a rather long-winded, nine-step, 15-minute process, starting with having to find your PayPal button code.

Moving forward, things will be a lot quicker.

“We knew that we wanted to make an existing process simpler,” explained John Maeda, ‎global head of computational design and inclusion at parent company Automattic. “So we set a design goal of bringing a 15-minute-long process to under a minute — especially for a customer that has never used PayPal before.”

The result of the work is a simple button that can be inserted from a dropdown menu in any new post.

Above: Payment button

When you hit “Add Payment Button,” you’ll be prompted to include details of what it is you’re selling and add the email address of the associated PayPal account.

Above: New button form

And that’s it. You can then insert the button and product description on any page on your site.

Above: Insert button and description

When a visitor hits the “Pay with PayPal” button, they’ll be guided through the usual PayPal payments process.

Above: PayPal: Checkout

It’s worth noting here that the feature isn’t quite ready for prime time — it is currently limited to those who subscribe to the Premium and Business WordPress.com plans “while we tune and refine how it can work best,” Maeda said.

As PayPal is of the most popular online consumer payment mechanisms, it makes sense for WordPress.com to streamline PayPal transactions on its platform. The move comes hot on the heels of a bunch of high-profile integrations for the payments service, including Google’s Android Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple which have all embraced PayPal in the past few months.

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