You’re fired!

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CREDIT: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Anthony Scaramucci, the newly hired White House Communications Director, was newly fired today, more than two weeks before his official first day on the job.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a self-proclaimed champion of the free market, just announced that he’s giving $3 billion in taxpayer money to Foxconn, a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer.

CREDIT: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

According to White House advisor Kellyanne Conway, we could know as soon as this week whether or not Trump plans to sabotage the Affordable Care Act. If he does, though, he could accidentally end up expanding access to health insurance instead.

ICYMI: Trump has been noticeably silent as Russia issues harsh retaliation over sanctions.

Reading List

Today is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, which underscores just how persistent the wage gap is.

Tesla’s highly anticipated and long awaited Model 3 is here, the breakthrough car company still needs to figure out how to produce it, but it’s here.

Lourdes Salazar Bautista, a Mexican immigrant with three children who are citizens, is being deported tomorrow after 20 years living in the United States. Here is her story.


They must respect the laws that touch everyone, rights that people have literally died for. They must respect the role of what has been called the conscience of the federal government. In all those regards, Eric Dreiband is woefully unqualified to lead the Civil Rights Division.

— Vanita Gupta, head of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights

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