Cheap Zippo Lighters as Corporate Gifts

Cheap Zippo lighters are among the best corporate gifts that a company can give. George D Blaisdell, or Mr Blaisdell as he is called by the folks at Zippo, brought out the first wind free Zippo lighter in 1933 and since then the company, as well as the lighters, have been going strong. The most common lighter is a metal lighter which is refillable and contains a wind shield thus making it usable in stormy outdoors. The reliability of Zippo has made it a favored lighter among law enforcement officers, military, and of course people who like the outdoors, almost as much as cold steel knives or Swiss army knives. None who could get hold of cheap Zippo lighters would deny it. What more would you want of a corporate gift? Read more here flameless lighter.

A corporate gift is given for two reasons – for promotional purposes and for showing the recipient the company’s appreciation of their work, diligence, or partnership. Both require the company to provide something classy and elegant as well as functional and useful. The class and elegance would showcase the company while the usefulness would make sure that the gift is not relegated to some corner of the recipients’ home or desk and is instead always made use of. If it is something that the recipients would carry around constantly so that others who meet them would ask about it, then so much the better. Lighters from Zippo, cheap Zippo lighters or not, fit all purposes of promotion, and with ease.

The Zippo lighters are a class by themselves. They are not just utilitarian they are also a style statement. These details by themselves make them the perfect gift for recipients as well. You also have the added advantage that only Zippo offers. Namely, the lifetime guarantee. If the lighter gets damaged the company will either repair it or replace it. The fact that you could engrave the lighters with not just the company name and logo but the recipient’s name as well just adds to the charm. And if you were to buy in bulk from the company then you could get cheap Zippo lighters too.

Typically the windproof lighters from Zippo which use naphtha belong to the class of cheap Zippo lighters, the butane lighters being more expensive. But you will likely get even these at a discounted price from many websites. These websites also offer collectibles and other items such as lighters, cold steel knives etc.