How to celebrate your father’s 50th birthday?

Fathers are so very close to our hearts. They are always there for us through thick and thin and fulfil all our wishes without us even asking them to do it in the first place. Their birthday therefore calls for a celebration especially if it is his 50th birthday. To help you with it, we have put together some birthday ideas that will make him so very happy and special.

#1. Throw a surprise party

Since it is his 50th birthday, it should be celebrated in a grand manner where all his family and friends come together to wish him a healthy life. The perfect way for this to come true will be for you to throw him a surprise birthday party. Invite his closest bunch of friends from his school, college, and work and his entire family. The smile on his face is going to be priceless.

#2. Begin the celebration at the right time

Right from the moment the day starts i.e., 12 AM, you can start celebrating his birthday. For this, you can simply decorate the living room or his own room and put gifts on the bed. You can also either bake a cake (which will make him feel special) or if you cannot cook, then, you can order his favourite cake online. Along with the cake, ensure that you order flower delivery of a beautiful bouquet.

#3. Time for gifts

The perfect idea of gifting him things would be to give him 50 gifts in total ranging from anything as small as a keychain to anything as big as a mobile phone. Just ensure that the number of gifts that you collect in total are 50. You can also get customized gifts online with ‘World’s best father’ mugs and certificates available online. There are also same day delivery gifts option available so you can relax and decide the gifts that you would like to give to him in peace.

#4. Book a spa session for him

He has worked so hard his life so this relaxation on his birthday calls for it. Make sure that you pamper him to the fullest on this day. You can book an appointment for him at the Spa and send him there to relax and throw all the stress out of the window. While he is gone, it would be a perfect opportunity for you to do all the decorations for his surprise birthday party.

#5. Decorate his office cabin with flowers

This is another way to make him feel extremely special. As soon as he enters his office cabin, when he finds it filled with bouquets and cards, it is going to make him on top of the world. You can make that happen. You can also send in a cake and ask his office colleagues and make him cut it while everyone sings a ‘Happy Birthday’ song for him. It is going to be so special for him.

These are some of the ways in which you can celebrate your father’s 50th birthday. If there are any more ideas that can be added to the list, feel free to mention them in the comments section below.