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Keasha Rigsby was one of the more popular consultants on the TLC reality series, Say Yes to the Dress, yet in 2011, viewers didn’t see her on the show anymore. What happened to Keasha was a mystery. According to Wikipedia, TLC or the show Say Yes to the Dress never addressed a reason for Keasha’s absence, a curious lack of information just made fans wonder even more where Keasha had gone. I’m almost 51, have great skin thanks to genetics, have been active all my life, have long dark hair (in great condition with minimal greys)…most people think I’m in my mid 30s. I still wear bikinis and short skirts and get compliments from both genders. I do think 50 and over should avoid florals, too much lace, and hair accessories with the exception of a barrette or hair band for a low ponytail. Details on your wedding dress also depend on the wedding venue. A ballroom wedding goes perfectly with a dramatic-floor length gown with a long train while a knee-length gown with flowing ruffle detailing is better for an outdoor, beach wedding. Garden weddings are perfect for bridal gowns with whimsical details like tulle overlay. When selecting a wedding dress rental shop, ask about alterations. Some shops allow you to alter the dress before the wedding, but others require that you wear the dress as is. Ask how many days you can pick the dress up before the wedding and when you must have it returned by. Verify any deposits required or damage fees before signing a rental contract. If you are leaving from the reception to your honeymoon, make arrangements for a friend or family member to return the dress. You may not be aware of this, but you can have your vintage wedding gowns tailored to your own design or chosen sewing pattern customised for you from scratch. After weeks of searching for a dress that would feel like it suited my body, style and vision of my wedding…you came to the rescue! You truly have a gift! I enjoyed all of the accessories we selected together – veil, purse, earrings, and shoes. Thank you for everything.!

Rather than picking out your bridesmaids’ dresses for them, why not give them a color palette and let them pick out unique outfits that they like. The eclectic blend of clothes is beautiful and has a charming intimacy about it! All I can say, if someone made me wear any of those dresses I would want no guests, no photography, and maybe not a wedding. I think some of those would be better for the honeymoon. You know what, if man would make dress dress even the slightest bit slutty for a wedding, I’d make him wear a low-cut top and spandex pants so I can see what I like on him. Wedding favors are a wonderful tradition. Unfortunately, they can also be really expensive. That is, if you’re not careful. Ruffled Wedding Dress Quilts can be interesting to design and sew! Audri’s wedding dress had a skirt and train that had LOTS of ruffles. She wanted something that really showed off the ruffles, was a less traditional design, and included the dusty pink ombre at the bottom of the dress. The dress it self in plain with a panel hanging off the front but what makes this costume stand-out is the soft petal detail on her cape that have an iridescent quality. The effect of the gown is fantasy sci-fi yet it very soft and elegant. Buffet styles include an informal self-serve style buffet or stations, and a formal served buffet. I found all these lovely wedding dresses here There are hundreds more wedding dresses available in all styles and sizes, so you will be able to find your soulmate dress. Considering your business, your reaction is not surprising. My intention was not to make anyone sick though. Hope you feel better. Thanks for the comment!

I’m sorry I’ve been so busy lately…I thank you all sincerely for taking the time to read about my wedding and my culture. I hope you liked it or learned something about Cambodian weddings! One day, I’ll upload some real video, not just photos, of the ceremonies, so you can hear us speak Khmer, listen to the traditional music and get more of a sense of the ceremonies in real time. Thanks for your kind words!! That will only stress you out and ruin the fun of preparing for your wedding day. Virgie, it is sad that you think with a closed mind. I do not agree with Ben’s statements at all. Please do not classify me in any category, as I do not do the same to you nor anyone else. This is still a good site for information for all, but for me, as of this posting I will be deleting it from my computer. I will not be chastised by anyone, haters or not. That is my freedom! Have a blessed day to all. Luv Bridal has eight showrooms around Australia, in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide! Offering international designer gowns at designer-direct prices, in sizes 2-28. Unless you’re a woman that spends countless hours working out in a gym, (and who does that, unless you’re a rich celebrity), your best plan of attack for shaping and sculpting the old body is going to come from wearing shapewear that offers firm control. Love these styles. You found some great photos – love the feel a style like this would lend to a wedding day. Nice! A wedding dress is perhaps the most carefully chosen dress a woman will ever wear. It`s a girls best friend if it`s a right one. Perfect dress shows your style, flattering your figure and doesn`t have to cost to much!

While we’re on the topic of kimonos, I thought I’d show you the genius work of bridal fashion designer Setsuko is known for remaking heirloom kimono fabric into modern, Western-style wedding gowns. Buy a fabulous Wedding dress from ebay – You really can get great wedding dresses from ebay. In earlier years, suspenders were considered an undergarment, it must be remembered. They were meant to be worn under both your jacket and your vest (but not your shirt). So when we see someone wear suspenders with a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, 1980s style, it’s not exactly what the clothing was designed for and is likely to look… well, awful. The wartime fashions featured strong shoulders, and this was true of the wedding gowns from the 1940s. Shoulder pads were common, as were sleeves with a slight gather at the top. The puff on the top of the sleeves was less pronounced than the 1930s leg ‘mutton style, however. The sleeve then tapered down to be slender at the wrist, and frequently ended in a point that came down onto the hand. A modern bride wishing to update a bridal gown from this era might consider either having the sleeves re-hemmed to be straight across or removing the sleeves altogether. One of the biggest motivations for taking the fitted sleeves off a vintage wedding dress during the alterations is to increase your mobility. Brides in previous generations had no expectations of being able to dance the night away like today’s brides do; the long fitted sleeves that they wore hampered the range of motion of their arms, which was fine for the type of weddings that they had back dresses

Miss you Keasha. You were one of my favorites. Best of luck in your new venture. Lena sent me a beautiful lace wedding dress, with fingerless net gloves and a garter, to incorporate into a quilt. The design used the bodice from the dress, and the lace from the skirt was used for the border and ruffle. The satin in the dress worked beautifully for the background in the center, and under the lace border. Her wedding photo was incorporated into the label on the back of the quilt. Though not technically used for wedding ceremonies, theatrical wedding dresses contribute some of the most outlandish and fascinating designs to the world’s pool of unusual wedding dresses. Between stars’ huge production budgets and access to super creative designers, the wedding dresses that have been worn on stage are probably the most strange when it comes to interpretations of modern, mainstream designs. I had been reading several tips online for what color fits and what does not. Yet, I found out that in reality, there is no fast and hard rule in determining what fits a particular skin tone. When an expert says that gray is a shade to avoid for darker skin tones, I observed that some dark skin tone do not really follow this. You may find my next sentence ridiculous but I say, the best way is to fit it (there is no substitute). The problem about this arises when you are purchasing online. In that case, try to approximate the best shade based on your previous purchases. Patricia’s gown is in an Edwardian style, made of pure silk satin, with a fine Chantilly lace overlay, and same satin for the sash.